Course Objectives

At the end of this course the learner is expected to

  • To explain development of electronic commerce


Introduction to E-Commerce – Benefits of Electronic Commerce – Impact of Electronic commerce Classification of Electronic Commerce – Applications of Electronic Commerce Technologies. Business Models. Architectural Framework.


Network Infrastructure: Local Area Networks – Wide Area Network – Intranet, Extranet and Internet – TCP/IP Reference Model – Domain Name Systems – Internet Industry Structure. Information Distribution and Messaging: File Transfer Protocol Applications - Electronic Mail – World Wide Web Server – HTTP – Web servers Implementations.


Information Publishing Technology: Information publishing – Web browsers – Hyper Text Mark-up Language – Common Gateway Interface – Multimedia Content – Other Multimedia Objects – Virtual Reality Modeling Language.


Securing the Business on Internet: Security policy, Procedures and practices – Site security – Protecting the Network – Firewalls – Securing the Web service. Securing Network Transactions: Transaction Security – Cryptology – Cryptology Algorithms – Public Key Algorithm – Authentication Protocols – Digital Signatures – Electronic Mail Security – Security Protocols for Web Commerce.


Search Engines and Directory Services: Information Directories – Internet Advertising- E –Commerce Applications- Cyber Law-Introduction- Concept of Cyberspace - cyber law in E Commerce-Contract Aspects - Electronic Governance.


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