Course Objectives

  • To give exposure on event management
  • To make the student to do the systematic planning of events
  • To provide special knowledge on tourism event
  • To develop the marketing skills with respect to events
  • To build the leadership capability through the concept of MICE

UNIT I Introduction to Event Management

Role of Events for the promotion of Tourism; Types of Events; Concepts & Design; Event Management Team; Factors affecting Event Management.

UNIT II Planning an Event

Budget; Planning, staging & Staffing; Operation & Logistics; Safety & Security; Monitoring, Controlling & Evaluating an Event.

UNIT III Tourism Destination and Event Planning

Issues of tourism management, planning, image, perception and development of destination as a brand.

UNIT IV Event Marketing

Event Planning; Event Marketing – Issues and evaluation of events through case studies; Sample Event profile.

UNIT VMICE – A Grouping segment

Concept of MICE; Types of Meeting; Role of Travel agency in the Management of Conference; Key players in the industry; Role & Function of ICCA & ICIB; Trends in convention, Meeting & Expositions.

Learning Resources

  • Coleman, Lee & Frankle (110101), Powerhouse Conferences. Educational Institute of AH & MA,2012
  • Hoyle, Dorf& Jones (110105), Meaning conventions & Group business
  • Educational Institute of AH & MA
  • Judy Allen, Event Planning: The ultimate guide to successful meetings of corporate events, fundraising galas, conferences conventions and other special events, Willey Publishers, 2009.
  • Ray Mathis, It is just an event, Willey Publishers, 2012.
  • Elsener Butterworth, Events Management, Heinmann Publications, 2012.
  • Wagen Lynn Van Der Carlos B.R,Event Management text Book, Pearsons (Prentice Hall)
  • Meegan Jones, Sustainable Event Management: A practical Guide, Routledge, 2017

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