Course Objectives

  • To create awareness on global tourism and hospitality industry
  • To provide strategic knowledge on hospitality management
  • To give exposure to hotel operations
  • To build the capability of handling various functional areas of the hospitality industry

UNIT I The World of Hospitality

Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality Industry; Characteristics & Nature of Hospitality Industry; Size & Scope of Lodging Industry; Economic & Other impacts of tourism; Evolution & growth of Hotel Industry

UNIT II Hotel Organization

Vision, Mission & Objective; Hotel Development & Ownership; Classification of Hotels; Hotel Departments –Structure and Functions

UNIT III Rooms Division Department

Front office management; Advanced Accommodation Operations; Delivering Quality guest service; Guest History Maintenance; Service Recovery Model; Computer Application in Hotel Industry; Hotel safety & security; Trends in Hospitality Industry

UNIT IV Hospitality Marketing

Challenges faced by hospitality sales & Marketing; Basic concepts of Marketing; Market segmentation & Positioning; Marketing Mix Decisions; Competition and Marketing; E marketing; Trends in Hospitality Marketing

UNIT V Human Resource Management

Human resource planning; Human Resource Development; Recruitment Process; HR Challenges in Hospitality Industry; Employee Motivation & Retention

Learning Resources

  • S.K .Bhatnagar –Front Office Management, Frank Bro’s & Co, 2009
  • Bake, Huyton and Bradley – Principles of Hotel Front Office Operation– Cengage\Delmar Learning India,2008
  • Front Office Procedure–Michael, L kasavana& Richard M Books Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Motel Association, 1998 ,
  • Philip Kotler –Marketing for Hospitality Industry , Tata Mcgraw Hill, 2009.
  • John.R Walker – Introduction to Hospitality Management, Prentice Hall; 6 edition 2012
  • Allan Fyall, Patrick Legoherel, Isabelle Frochot and Youcheng Wang, Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality: collaboration, technology and experiences, Routledge, 2019.

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