Course Objectives

  • To make students think and evaluate the various technology idea generation methods and its implementation in real time.
  • To understand the importance of technology entrepreneurship and IPR.
  • To make students to create and evaluate business plans for technology based enterprises.

UNIT I Technology Entrepreneurship Today: Trends, Opportunities and Challenges

Introduction to trends and opportunities in technology entrepreneurship a word about global markets five pillars of technology entrepreneurship – pillar 1: value creation; pillar 2: the lean startup; pillar 3: customer discovery and validation; pillar 4: the business model canvas; pillar 5: the entrepreneurial method deliberate practice

UNIT II Technology Venture Idea Generation

Fundamental venture types–the idea generation process–the opportunity register nontraditional idea sources – countdown to launch product planning and development–the idea development process –the concept of newness opportunity assessment plan – disruptive technology –the market

UNIT III Protecting Intellectual Property

IP and technology ventures– recognizing IP – record keeping – trade secrets – patents – copyrights mask works – trademarks– ownership and liability issues –choice of legal structure–equity and equity types– raising capital equity distribution in the start–up venture

UNIT IV Developing and Implementing the Technology Business Plan

Writing the business plan– elements of a business plan – into the breach– capital and capital sources– the capital management –plan regulation of financing activities – fund raising tools and techniques alternatives to debt and equity financing

UNIT V Launching the Venture

Market entry positioning–market penetration strategy–value chain analysis–developing a contingency plan–growing beyond the startup–target market selection–purchasing the product– service marketing–contracts sources of contract law – contract formation–performance and breach –anatomy of a contract

Learning Resources

  • Thomas Duening, Robert Hisrich, Michael Lechter, Technology Entrepreneurship– Taking Innovation to the Marketplace, Academic Press, UK, 2014.
  • Gerald B. Halt, Jr., John C. Donch, Jr., Amber R. Stiles, Robert Fesnak, Intellectual Property and Financing Strategies for Technology Startups, 2014.
  • Global Dimensions of Intellectual Property Rights in Science and Technology, National Research Council, Policy and Global Affairs, Office of International Affairs, 2014

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