Course Objectives

  • To familiarize students with digitalization of business
  • To understand marketing optimization in the digital platform.
  • To investigate how social media influences marketing functions
  • To improve students’ capacity to identify the usage of smart phone in marketing.
  • To learn the techniques used in digital analytics

UNIT I Digitalization of Business

The virtual world-Changing Marketing Landscape - the internet and business - online Marketing Domains - The behavioral Internet - E-Marketing and Traditional Marketing - Online advertising - Internet and Integrated Marketing communication - sales and Trade Promotion - - Generation Y - Expectations and Influence -Implications of Digital Change - Online Marketing Mix - Online consumer

UNIT II Marketing Optimization

Need for digital engagement –Search Engine Optimization – Key Words – Optimization of site – Increasing the site traffic through Content and Engagement - Search Engine Marketing - Key word value - Key word portfolio evaluation - Internet Marketing Metrics - Google AdWords - Cost per click - Cost per impression - Setting budgets - Defining target audience – formation of campaigns- Customer engagement - Brand customer Centricity - Traffic Building: Internet traffic plan - Search Marketing methods for Traffic building - Traffic volume and quality

UNIT III Social Media Marketing

Social Media-Social media model by Mc Kinsey - Marketing with Networks - Social world - Social Media Analytics - Social Media Tools - The social web - Viral Marketing - Social Curation and Brands - Inbound Marketing and Co-Creation - Social Media - Engagement marketing through Content Management - Online campaign management using Facebook, Twitter, Corporate Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram - Sentiment Mining - Measuring Campaign effectiveness – Social media emerging as point of sales

UNIT IV Smart Phone and Application

Mobile Internet in India – Emergence of Smart App phones – Need for Mobile Marketing – Form of Mobile Marketing – Mobile Marketing Strategy – Mobile Advertising – M-Commerce – Mobile Application – Mobile application Vs Mobile Site - Types of Mobile application –App stores - Mobile Application as Marketing Channel - Sales Tracking solutions - Fleet tracking - Edutech - Hospital management – Entertainments - Aggregator models like Flipkart, Uber, Lynk- Mobile application optimization and marketing.

UNIT V Digital Analytics

Consumer segmentation, Targeting and Positioning using Online tools - Market influence Analytics in a Digital ecosystem - Google Analytics - How Google analytics works – set up analytics account - Setup goals -Understanding different types of goals - bounce & bounce rate - Benefits of integrating adwords & analytics - Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google analytics - What is link tagging - How to set up link tagging - The contemporary digital Revolution- -The future of Marketing - Gamification and Apps - Case studies

Learning Resources

  • Dan Zarrella, The Social Media Marketing Book (E Book) , Published by Orielly
  • Damian Ryan, Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation Paperback – Import, Kogan Page, Fourth Edition,
  • Vandana Ahuja,'Digital Marketing' Oxford University Press, First Edition,
  • Hanlon Annmarie , Akins Joanna , Quickwin Digital Marketing: Answers to Your Top 100 Digital Marketing Questions Paperback PHI
  • MoutusyMaity, Internet Marketing- A practical Approach in the Indian Context, Oxford University Press, 2017 edition

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