Course Objectives

  • To understand what customer analytics means
  • To perform descriptive analysis on customer data
  • To perform predictive analytics
  • To perform prescriptive analytics
  • To explore the future of analytics

UNIT I Overview of customer analytics

Importance of customer analytics, Basics of Customer analytics and Customer Life cycle, the classic view of the customer life cycle, Customer lifetime value measurement, Return on the Customer lifetime value, CRM and customer equity perspective.

UNIT II Descriptive Analytics

What is Descriptive Analytics? -Descriptive Data Collection: Survey Overview-Descriptive Data Collection-Descriptive Data Collection: Survey Design-Passive Data Collection-Media Planning-Causal Data Collection and Summary.

UNIT III Introduction to Predictive Analytics

Asking Predictive Questions-Regression Analysis, The Demand Curve-Regression Analysis, Making Predictions-Beyond Period -Making Predictions Using a Data Set-Data Set Predictions-Probability Models-Implementation of the Model-Results and Predictions.

UNIT IV Prescriptive Analytics

What is Prescriptive Analytics? -Using the Data to Maximize Revenue-Parameters of the Model-Market Structure-Competition and Online Advertising Models-Conclusion.

UNIT V Introduction to Application to Analytics

The Future of Marketing is Business Analytics-The Golden Age of Marketing-Applications-Radically New Data Sets in Marketing-The Perils of Efficiency-Power of Data.

Learning Resources

  • Customer Analytics For Dummies Kindle Edition by Jeff Sauro., First Edition., 2015.
  • Advanced Customer Analytics: Targeting, Valuing, Segmenting and Loyalty Techniques (Marketing Science) 1st Editionby Mike Grigsby,Kogan Page; 1 edition (October 28, 2016).

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