Course Objectives

  • To understand and identify the opportunities in the B2B Market
  • To study and analyze the customer and their relationship in the B2B Market
  • To assess the Market in the B2B segment
  • To study the Strategic Market Planning for Products and Channels in B2B Market
  • To study the Strategic Market Planning for Pricing, Communication and Branding


Fundamentals of inter-organizational marketing: - Review of inter-organizational markets- Demand on inter-organizational markets - Hands-on inter-organizational markets - Classification commercial practices - Classification of markets - B2B and e-commerce. The behavior of customers at the B2B markets: - purchasing process - purchasing roles - The development of needs at the organizations.


Research on B2B markets: - Marketing Information System - Research facilities - Analysis of competition - Benchmarking. Strategic marketing planning: - Segmentation of the market - Methods and devices of strategic marketing planning.


Product Policy of established products: - Classification of the product types - The life cycle of the product - Management products - Strategies for established products. Product policy of new product development: - Strategies for the development of new products - Marketing systems - Marketing of engineering services.


Pricing : - Price – Pricing - Pricing strategies - The pricing policy - Price on the Internet - Financial marketing. The policy of distribution: - direct sales - Indirect sales - Management of conflicts on the way - Internet as a distribution channel - Multi-channel distribution.


Vertical specialization: - Choosing industry – specialization - Expanding to other verticals in the industry. Selling : - Sales department - Keeping the sales department - Customer relationship management. Strategies of communication: - The communication process in B2B – Public relations – Advertising - Trade fairs and exhibitions - B2B Direct marketing: - The Basics – Tasks - Forms.

Learning Resources

  • Michael D.Hutt, Thomas W.Speh, “Business Marketing Management, B2B”, Tenth Edition, Cengage Learning
  • Robert Vitale, Joseph Giglierano and WaldemarPfoertsch, “Business to Business Marketing – Analysis and Practice, Pearson Learning
  • K.Venkataraman, “B2B Marketing”, First edition, 2017, Notion Press
  • Sharma Dheeraj, Michael D.Hutt, Thomas W.Speh, “B2B Marketing: A South–Asian Perspective”, Eleventh edition, 2014, Cengage Learning

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