Course Objectives

  • To understand the individual factors like motivation, perception, personality, learning, self image and lifestyle and their influences.
  • To learn the influence of family, group, culture, values, demographics and social stratification upon consumer behaviour.
  • To decipher the consumer decision making process through several models.
  • To explore the role of communication and other emerging issues in understanding consumer behavior


Concepts (Purchase, Usage and Disposal) – Significance – Evolution of Consumer oriented Market - Dimensions of Consumer Behavior – Consumer decision making Process- Change in consumers consumption pattern - Factors influence the Consumer Behavior (Internal and External Factors) - Marketing impact on consumers - Application of knowledge of Consumer Behaviour in marketing decisions.

UNIT II Individual Factors

Psychological Influences on consumer behavior –Psychographics - Consumer Motives - motivation – Perception – Personality - Learning and Attitude- Self Image and Life styles – Consumer expectation and satisfaction - Case Studies

UNIT III External Factors

Change in Society; Value and Consumption Pattern, Demographics and Social Stratification - Culture, Sub Culture Cross Culture - Family group; Family life cycle – Group; Types of group, Reference group.


Importance of consumer behaviour models, Industrial and individual consumer behavior models - Traditional Models: Micro Economics and Macro Economics model - Contemporary Models: Howard- Sheth, Engel – Kollat, Webstar and wind Consumer Behavior Models – Models on Consumers adoption of Technology: Theory of Planned Behaviour, TAM, UTAUT- Implications of the models on Marketing decisions.


Communication Influences on Consumer behavior, Consumers High and low involvement on purchase – Neural Marketing - Is Neural Marketing a myth? –- Pre-purchase and post-purchase behavior- Online and offline purchase decision process – Online sentiment - Diffusion of Innovation – Managing Dissonance - Emerging Issues.

Learning Resources

  • Hawkins 'Consumer Behaviour- Building Marketing Strategy', 11th Edition, Tata McGraw Hill Pvt. Ltd. 2011.
  • Michael Solomon 'Consumer Behaviour', 9th Edition, PHI Learning Private Ltd.
  • Leon G.Schiffmanand Leslie LasarKanuk, Consumer Behaviour, 10 Edition, Pearson Education, India, 2012.
  • David L. Loudonand Albert J Della Bitta, 'Consumer Behavior', McGraw Hill, New Delhi 2010.

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