Course Objectives

  • To articulate an understanding of setting vision and mission as a leader.
  • To appreciate that effective leadership is a multi–faceted process.
  • To develop strategies for exhibiting global leadership skills.
  • Analyze and describe the core attributes of effective team design.
  • Identify the factors of ethical and power-based leadership of teams


Roles of a leader, Leadership theory paradigms, analysis of leadership theory; Leadership traits and ethics: Personality traits and leadership, Leadership attitudes, ethical leadership–Historical Development of Leadership and Management Development The Nature of Leadership and Management- Types of Leadership


Leadership Skills: Managing Power, Conflict, Problem Solving, Negotiation, Creativity, –Strategy, Planning and Goal Setting Leadership and Systems Thinking, Values, Culture Building, Leadership development through self–awareness and self–discipline, Succession, Coaching – Mentoring – Ginnett’s Team Leadership Model


Developing Leadership: Global leadership and global career, Contemporary Issues in Leadership and Management Development –Developing Ethical Leaders and Managers– Developing Leaders and Managers with a Global Competence –Evaluation of leadership development efforts, Indian cases on leadership.


Definition of Team Dynamics– Team composition, formation and development– Impact of Team dynamics on Performance– Team Performance and Motivation-Team decision making: Pitfalls and Solutions- team morale.


Experiential learning methodologies–T– group sensitivity training, encounter groups, appreciative enquiry, discovering facets of interpersonal trust through Johari window. Conflict resolution in teams, competitive vs collaborative behavior, developing collaboration.

Learning Resources

  • Richard Hughes, Robert C. Ginnett, Gordon J Curphy, Leadership: enhancing the lessons of Experience, McGraw –Hill Publication, 6th Edition, 2011.
  • Jan Carmichael, et.al. Leadership and Management Development, Oxford Publications, 2011.
  • Uday Kumar Haldar, Leadership And Team Building, Oxford Publications, 2011
  • Group Dynamics for Teams 3rd Edition by Daniel J. Levi (Author)
  • Team Roles at Work Paperback – 26 Jan 2010 by R Meredith Belbin (Author)
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Hardcover – 9 Jan 2006 by Patrick Lencioni (Author)

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