Course Objectives

  • Distinguish the strategic approach to human resources from the traditional functional approach.
  • Understand the relationship of HR strategy with overall corporate strategy.
  • Understand the strategic role of specific HR systems.
  • Appreciate SHRM in the context of changing forms of organization

UNIT I Human Resource Development

Meaning – Strategic framework for HRM and HRD– Introduction to business and corporate strategies; Integrating HR strategies with business strategies, Analyzing HR Practices followed by different firms


e– Employee profile– e– selection and recruitment – Virtual learning and Orientation – e – training and development – e– Performance management and Compensation design Development and Implementation of HRIS – Designing HR portals – Issues in employee privacy – Employee surveys online.


Human Resource System–HR as a Strategic Partner: The Measurement Challenge–Implementation of SHRM: Process based approach. Human Resource Environment– Technology, structure; Workforce diversity; Demographic changes, Temporary & contract labour– Career Concepts – Roles – Career stages – Career planning and Process– Competencies and Career Management


Global environment, Recruitment & Retention strategies, training & development strategies: performance management strategies, reward &compensation strategies, retrenchment strategies and human aspects of strategy implementation.

UNIT V Employee Coaching & Counseling

Need for Coaching – Role of HR in coaching – Coaching and Performance – Skills for Effective–Coaching – Coaching Effectiveness– Need for Counseling – Role of HR in Counseling –Components of Counseling Programs – Counseling Effectiveness

Learning Resources

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  • Paul Boselie. Strategic Human Resource Management. Tata McGraw Hill. 2011
  • Jeffrey A Mello, Strategic Human Resource Management, Cengage Learning, Southwestern2007.
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