Course Objectives

  • To learn about foundations of E–Commerce.
  • Will able to make E–Business plan and address E–Commerce related issues.
  • To gain insights on Business incubators.
  • To learn the E–marketing strategies and digital payment systems.
  • To learn E–marketing tools and E–Business entrepreneurship.

Unit I Introduction to E-Commerce

E-commerce - Difference Between E-commerce and E-business- Technological Building Blocks -Trends in E-commerce - Features of E-commerce Technology-Types of E-commerce–Assessing E-Commerce -Academic Disciplines Concerned with E-commerce - Careers in E-commerce - E-Commerce Business Models - How E-commerce Changes Business.

Unit II Technology Infrastructure for E-commerce

Internet and its Infrastructure - Web - Features and Services - Mobile Apps - Imagine Your E-commerce Presence - Building an E-commerce Presence: A Systematic Approach - Choosing Software - Choosing Hardware - Other E-commerce Site Tools - Developing a Mobile Website and Building Mobile Applications.

Unit III E-Commerce Security and Payment Systems

The E-commerce Security Environment - Security Threats in the E-commerce Environment-Technology Solutions - Management Policies, Business Procedures, and Public Laws - E-commerce Payment Systems - Electronic Billing Presentment and Payment.

Unit IV Digital Marketing

Foundation of Digital Marketing- Understanding the Customer Journey - Choosing the Right Marketing Campaign - Crafting Winning Offers - Pursuing Content Marketing Perfection - Blogging for Business - Generating Website Traffic: Building High-Converting Landing Pages – Capturing Traffic with Search Marketing - Tapping into Paid Traffic.

Unit V Ethical, Social and Political Issues in E-commerce

Ethical, Social and Political Issues in E-commerce - Privacy and Information Rights- Key Issues in Online Privacy of Consumers- Consumer Privacy Regulations and Enforcement - Intellectual Property Rights- Governance- Public Safety and Welfare.

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