Course Objectives

  • To develop a research plan for execution.
  • To comprehend and apply effective research techniques to solve organization problems.
  • To set up a professional methodology and analytical procedure to scientifically arrive at solutions for business queries.
  • Learn the value of scientific research for problem solving and decision making.
  • Present the findings and results for managerial action to gain competitive advantage and stay ahead of competition.


Background to Research–Research paradigms Contributions of research to theory and practice–Research Ethics–Literature Review–Identifying, accessing and managing sources of information and scholarly literature–Academic writing and referencing–Steps in literature review development.


Qualitative Methods– The nature and types of qualitative research–Data collection methods–primary and secondary sources–Types of data analysis methods–Writing up qualitative research.


Quantitative Methods–Data and Variables–The Nature of Quantitative Research–Descriptive and Inferential Statistics–Sampling–Designing and Coding Questionnaires–Data Entry and Screening.


Hypothesis Testing–Association–Correlation Coefficients Bivariate, Regression–Association–Chi–square Tests–Difference– t–tests–Difference– ANOVA–Reliability, Validity and Rigour–Reporting a Quantitative Study.


Research Proposal–Purpose, nature and evaluation–Content and format–Practical considerations–timelines, budgets, supervision management– Presentation and defense of proposals–Research Reports.

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