Course Objectives

  • To understand how the players are involved in the ecosystem
  • To understand the roles of skill, experience, motivation and culture of Entrepreneurship
  • To analyze how the Business plan is framed and the challenges involved in it
  • To reflect on the financial institutions and Venture feasibility analysis


Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship– similarities and variances– Business Incubators– Rural entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurs– The entrepreneurial mind–set– Key attributes an entrepreneur –Entrepreneurship today, Types of Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Competencies, entrepreneurial environment, Micro, Small, Medium enterprises


Myths and realities of entrepreneurship–Transition from college/regular job to the world of startups–India’s start up revolution–Trends, Imperatives, benefits–Entrepreneurial stress––Difference life stages–Relative importance–Disagreements–Idea. Opportunity and retrospective determinism–To solve something felt and experienced Vs I want to be an entrepreneur–


Where can ideas come from–What is creativity – individual and group creativity – Generation of creative ideas in individual- Thinking Hats methods-generation of creative ideas in groups – Establishing a new enterprise-Forms of enterprise-Feasibility study––Human resource planning- Market Segmentation–Market sizing,–Marketing plan, pricing– Managing cash flow-Rigor of another kind: Heuristics and Gut –feel


Business plan– How to develop it––copy, defensibility –Venture feasibility analysis –Pitching–Organizational form –partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation– Intellectual property copyright–trademarks–Law vs Ethics– Legal expenses, hiring the service provider––Digital economy as a resource–Promotion tools – the value of likes and shares– Matchmakers–Long tail markets–Micro–Apps–Funding and Incubation


Informal capital–Friends & Family, Angel –Introduction to the world of Venture Capitalists– Evaluation criteria employed by VCs–Selecting the right VC– Financing Mix and the Financing continuum–shareholding –Cliff–Vesting schedule–, Idea/Patent, Driving force and capital infusion–Minimum viable product – Name of product/service–Website/Visiting card/Office space–Struggles–Causes of failure–Product/market, financing, managerial - Valuation and Harvesting –Valuation methods–Term sheet–Strategic sale, negotiations–Management succession

Learning Resources

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  • Rajeev Roy, Entrepreneurship, Oxford University Press, 2011
  • Jayshree Suresh, Entrepreneurial Development, Margam Publications, 2015.
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