Course Objectives

On completion of this course the participants are expected to

  • To provide knowledge about management issues related to staffing, training, performance, compensation, human factors consideration and compliance with human resource requirements

UNIT I Perspectives in Human Resource Management

Evolution of human resource management – The importance of the human factor – Challenges – Inclusive growth and affirmative action –Role of human resource manager – Human resource policies – Computer applications in human resource management – Human resource accounting and audit.

UNIT II The Concept of Best Fit Employee

Importance of Human Resource Planning – Forecasting human resource requirement –matching supply and demand – Internal and External sources. Recruitment – Selection – induction – Socialization benefits

UNIT III Training and Executive Development

Career Planning & Development Training needs analysis – Types of training methods –purpose – benefits– resistance. Training Models – Executive development programmes – Common practices – Benefits – Self development – Knowledge management – Delivery Methodology, Evaluation, Capacity Building.

UNIT IV –Sustaining Employee Interest

Compensation plan – Reward – Motivation – Application of theories of motivation – Career management – Development of mentor – Protégé relationships. Employee Engagement

UNIT V–Performance Evaluation and Control Process

Performance Appraisal –Types, methods, limitations and problems, ethics, Potential Appraisals Method of performance evaluation – Feedback – Industry practices. Promotion, Demotion, Transfer and Separation – Implication of job change. The control process – Importance – Methods – Requirement of effective control systems grievances – Causes – Implications – Redressal methods

Learning Resources

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