Course Objectives

  • To learn the fundamentals of MIS concepts using an integrated framework for describing and analyzing information systems.
  • Will understand the most up-to-date and comprehensive overview of Information systems used by business firms today.
  • To learn the social tools, mobile technology, and location-based services used for transforming marketing and advertising.
  • To understand the important tools and technologies used for safeguarding information resources.
  • To learn the decision-making constituencies in an organization with the help of business intelligence.

UNIT I Information Systems in Networked Enterprise

Emerging Digital Firm – Business Objectives – Dimensions of Information Systems – Academic Disciplines – Technical Approach – Behavioural Approach – Global E-Business and Collaboration – Business Processes – Relation between Business Processes and Information Systems – Systems for different Management groups – Collaboration - Social business – Tools and Technologies for collaboration and social Business.

UNIT II Organizations, Strategy and Ethical Issues in Information Systems

Impact of Information Systems on Organizations – Economic Impact – Organizational and Behavioural Impact – Porter’s Competitive forces Model – Business Value chain Model – Challenges of Strategic Information Systems – Aligning IT with Business Objectives – Ethical, Social and Political Issues raised by Information Systems – Model for Ethical, Social and Political Issues – Key Technology Trends – Principles for Guiding Ethical Decisions – Ethical Analysis – Professional Code of Conduct – Privacy and Freedom in the internet age – Property Rights.

UNIT III IT Infrastructure and Database Management Systems

Introduction of IT Infrastructure – Hardware Platform – Operating System Platforms – Networking Platforms – Current Trends in Hardware Platform - Current Trends in Software Platform - Database Management Systems – Non-Relational Database, Cloud Databases and Block chain – Big Data – Business Intelligence Infrastructure – Computer Network – Types – Internet Addressing and Architecture – Web – Wireless Networking – RFID – Sensor Networks.

UNIT IV Information Security & Digital Markets

Malicious software-Viruses-Worms- Trojan Horses-Spyware-Hackers & Computer crime-Software Vulnerability-Business value of Security & Control-Information system controls-Risk Assessment –Security Policy-Disaster Recovery Planning-Auditing-Firewalls, Intrusion Detection System-Anti-Malware software-Encryption-Securing Transition with block chain –Ensuring software quality-New e-commerce-Social, Mobile and Local –Digital Markets & Digital goods-Types of e-Commerce –Revenue Models-Social Network marketing –Electronic Data Interchange-M-Commerce.

UNIT V Artificial Intelligence, Decision Making & Building Information Systems

Knowledge Management Systems in Business –Value Chain-Types-Machine Learning-Expert Systems-Neural networks-Genetic Algorithms-Neural Language processing –Robotics-Intelligent Agents-Decision Making-Types of Decisions –Decision Making Processes-High velocity Automated Decision making –Business Intelligence-Analytics Capability-Balanced Scorecard – Group Decision –Support Systems-Building Information System-System Analysis and Design- Structured Methodology-Object Oriented Development-Computer Aided Software Engineering-Practical System Life Cycle-Prototypes-End-user Development-Rapid Application Development-Agile Development.

Learning Resources

  • Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon (2020) – “Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm” – 16th Edition – Pearson
  • James O'Brien and George Marakas (2019) – “Management Information Systems” – 11th Edition – MH Education
  • Efraim Turban, Carol Pollard, Gregory Wood (2018) - “Information Technology for Management: On-Demand Strategies for Performance, Growth and Sustainability” - 11th Edition - Wiley
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  • EwaZiemba (2017) – “Information Technology for Management: New Ideas and Real Solutions” – 1st Edition – Springer
  • A. R. Prathap Reddy (2017) – “Information Technology for Managers” – 1st Edition – Notion Express

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