Course Objectives

  • To enable the students to understand the fundamental concepts of operations management
  • To provide awareness on the roles and responsibilities of operations managers in different organizational contexts
  • To build the confident among the students to handle production and operations related activities in the manufacturing and service organizations
  • To describe the boundaries of an operations system, and recognize its interfaces with other functional areas within the organization and with its external environment.

UNIT I Introduction to Operations Management

Operations management – Meaning, Objectives and Functions; Operation strategy – Strategic decisions in operations; Process planning – Steps and Classifications of manufacturing systems; Make or Buy decisions (Numerical); Forecasting – Types and Methods (Numerical)

UNIT II Capacity, Location and Layout planning

Capacity planning – Framework and Types; Location Planning – Location Decision Factors and Planning methods (Numerical); Layout planning – Planning and Principles of Layout, Classification of Plant Layout; Production Planning and Control – Functions, Sequencing and Scheduling (Numerical); Manufacturing Resource Planning

UNIT III Supply chain, Purchase and Stores Management

Supply Chain Management – Strategy, Design and Integration, Vendor Selection Criteria and Rating (Numerical); Materials Requirement Planning (MRP I) – Planning Elements and Inputs (Numerical); Purchase Management – Principles, Process and Types of Purchasing Systems; Stores Management – Functions, Location, Layout and Accounting Procedures

UNITIV Inventory Management and Work study

Inventory Management – Meaning, Types, Costs and Models – Purchasing Model without and with Shortages, Manufacturing Model without and with Shortages (Numerical), Selective Inventory Controlling Techniques (Numerical); Work study – Method study – Steps and Recording Techniques, Work Measurement (Time study) – Steps, Techniques and Estimation of Standard time (Numerical)

UNIT V Quality, Maintenance and Project Management

Quality Management – Concepts, Cost of quality, Dimensions, Tools, Statistical Quality Control charts – and Range , c chart and p chart (Numerical); Maintenance Management – Functions, Objectives, Types of plant maintenance, Cost balance, Types of failures, Individual and group machine replacements (Numerical); Project Management – Meaning, Phases / Framework, Roles and Responsibilities of Project manager

Learning Resources

  • Sidhartha S. Padhi, Operations Management – Text and Cases, Star Business Series, 2018
  • R. Panneerselvam, Production & operations management, Prentice Hall India private limited, 2017.
  • Mahadevan B., Operations Management Theory and Practice, Pearson Publication, 3rd Edition, 2015
  • Norman Gaither and Greg Frazier, Operations Management, 9th Edition, Cengage publications, 2002 (Reprint 2013)
  • Aswathappa, K.,Shridhara Bhat, K., Production and Operations Management , Himalaya Publishing House, 2014

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