Bachelor of Business Administration

Specialization in Digital Marketing

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Bachelor of Business Administration Digital Marketing (BBA DM) program aims in providing numerous career opportunities to the students in the digital world by equipping them with the bundled knowledge of digital marketing, content strategy planning, business administration, finance, social / business / market analytics. The program offers in-depth study of theoretical concepts with practical approach in functional aspects of business and their interconnection. The program develops knowledge and skills in real-time management and business decision-making.

  • Semester 1

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM101 Communication for Managerial Personnel 4
    V20UDM102 Principles of Management 4
    V20UDM103 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 4
    V20UDM104 Basics of Production and Operation Management 4
    V20UDM105 Managerial Economics 3
    Total Credits 19
  • Semester 2

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM201 Managerial Accounting 4
    V20UDM202 Human Resource Management 4
    V20UDM203 Marketing Management 4
    V20UDM204 Software Solutions for Business 4
    V20UDM205 Understanding Digital Marketing 4
    V20UDM206 Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning 1
    Total Credits 21
  • Semester 3

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM301 Statistics in Business 4
    V20UDM302 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development 4
    V20UDM303 Services Marketing 4
    V20UDM304 Legal Aspects of Business 4
    Elective 1 3
    Elective 2 3
    V20UDM309 Universal Human Values 2
    V20UDM310 My India Project 1
    Total Credits 25
  • Semester 3 Elective List

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM305 SEO Tools and Techniques 3
    V20UDM306 Social Media Marketing 3
    V20UDM307 Marketing in the Digital Age 3
    V20UDM308 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3
  • Semester 4

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM401 Operations Research in Business 4
    V20UDM402 Essentials of Financial Management 4
    V20UDM403 Organizational Culture and Behaviour 4
    V20UDM404 Information Technology for Retail Management 4
    Elective 3 3
    Elective 4 3
    V20UDM410 Professional Skills 2
    Total Credits 24
  • Semester 4 Elective List

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM405 Business Analytics and Intelligence 3
    V20UDM406 User Interface Design 3
    V20UDM407 Competitive Marketing 3
    V20UDM408 Data Visualization 3
    V20UDM409 Digital Design 3
  • Semester 5

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM501 Introduction to Research Methods 4
    V20UDM502 Strategic Management 4
    Elective 5 3
    Elective 6 3
    V20UDM507 Environmental Studies 3
    V20UDM508 Leadership and Management Skills 2
    Total Credits 19
  • Semester 5 Elective List

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM503 E-Commerce & Digital Marketing 3
    V20UDM504 Product Design & Development 3
    V20UDM505 Software Quality Management 3
    V20UDM506 Web Analytics 3
  • Semester 6

    Course Code Course Title Credit
    V20UDM601 Global Marketing Management 4
    V20UDM602 Ethics and Corporate Governance in business 4
    V20UDM603 Project Work 8
    Total Credits 16

Students with Indian Education

  • Students with a pass in higher secondary examination (10+2 pattern) are eligible to apply. The minimum percentage of marks / Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) required to be eligible for admission will be prescribed by the Admission committee of DOE.(Minimum eligibility of aggregate of 50% in +2)
  • Applicant must possess enough knowledge and understanding of English Language.

Students with Foreign Education

  • O Level Certificate (completing 10 years of formal schooling. Diploma will not be acceptable)
  • A Level Certificate (completing 12 years of formal schooling. Diploma will not be acceptable)
  • Certificate of equivalence from association of Indian Universities required from students with foreign education to apply in any university in INDIA.

Equivalent Qualifications to Grade 12:

CBSE, ICSE, GCE A Levels, IB Diploma, WASSCE, STPM, American High School Diploma and others.

Admission Process

Step 1 : Application submission + Upload of

  • Grade sheet upload of 10, 12 and Qualifying Degree
  • Passport size photograph
  • Aaadhar or other Government recognized identify for Indian nationals
  • Passport (for foreign students)

Step 2 : Selection process

  • Minimum eligibility confirmation in the qualifying examination
  • Multiple selection criteria based on merit list of qualifying examination / entrance test / interview

Step 3: Selection intimation and fee payment

Step 4: Formal enrollment of the program


  • How to apply for the programs?

    The application process for the programs is very simple and student friendly. The student can start the admission process by filling up the application form in
  • When will I get my login credentials for SRM Online Learning Platform?

    After successfully completing the admission process by submitting the required documents and fee, fulfilling the requirements of eligibility criteria for the programme.
  • What is SRM Online Learning Platform and how to use it?

    SRM Online Learning Platform is a software application that handles all aspects of the learning process in an electronic environment. It’s a framework for documenting, managing, tracking, reporting, and delivering of electronic educational technology courses or training programmes.
    SRM Online Platform uses a robust LMS to deliver online courses and enhance on-campus courses. The functionality of the Learning Management System includes course content delivery, student registration and administration, scheduling & tracking, assessing & resulting, reporting and resource & performance management.
  • What all information is there in the SRM Online Learning Platform?

    SRM Online Learning Platform includes course content delivery, student registration and administration, scheduling and tracking, assessing and resulting, reporting and resource & performance management.
  • Why do I choose your online program?

    • The QS World University Rankings ranked SRM Institute of Science and Technology 301–350 in Asia in 2020.
    • SRM Institute of Science and Technology ranked 29 among engineering colleges in India.
    • The curriculam is made by the subject matter experts and it will be updated at regular intervals.
    • Immersive E-learning experience through SRM IST canvas (LMS)
    • Interactive classes throughout the course time.
    • SRM IST provides best high standard professional course content to the students.​
  • What do you mean by four quadrant?

    The Learning materials (Four Quadrant Approach, UGC online Regulation 2018) are delivered through Learning Management System (LMS), called as SRM online learning platform. The unit wise continuous assessment (designed using blooms taxonomy) is conducted online in the LMS on adaptive basis as per the requirement of the course.
    • Quadrant-I i.e. e-Tutorial that shall contain - Video and Audio Contents, animation, simulations, virtual labs.
    • Quadrant-II i.e. e-Content that shall contain - Portable Document Format or e-Books or Illustration, video demonstrations, documents and interactive simulations, wherever required.
    • Quadrant-III i.e. Web Resources, that shall contain - Related Links, Open Content on Internet, Case Studies, Historical development of the subject, Articles.
    • Quadrant-IV i.e. Self-Assessment, that shall contain – MCQ, Problems, Quizzes, Assignments and solutions, Discussion forum topics and setting up the FAQ, Clarifications on general misconceptions.
  • Can I access the e-content on my mobile phone?

    Yes, you can log into the website on your mobile phone and access data as per your convenience. Moreover, you may download the mobile app and enjoy learning.
  • Can I record online lectures?

    In case a student is not able to attend online lectures, the recorded video of the lectures will be made available in Learning Management System.
  • Is there a way through which I can talk to a faculty in case I have a doubt?

    The student can chat with the faculty during online lectures by using the chat window. In case of a doubt, the student can post it as a query in the learning portal for the faculty and the faculty responds to it within 48 hours.
  • How do I get assignment questions?

    Assignment questions of each subject are uploaded on the student portal.As the learning progresses week wise/unit wise, the continuous assessment will be popping in the SRM Online Learning Portal of the respective login
  • How are the exams conducted in online mode?

    Examinations are conducted as per the new regulations through the Online Technology Enabled Proctored mode. The exam pattern comprises of internal and external assessments. The weightage is as follows: Internal(assignments) 30% and External (end-term examination) 70%.
  • Do you offer placement assistance?

    Yes, we offer placement assistance.
Programme Tution fee per semester in INR
BBA 21,500

NOTE: In addition to the tuition fees, the Exam fees for the semester and fees for certificates Will be charged separately

Duration : 3 Years

Credit : 124

Course Language : English


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